Why VR (Virtual Reality) is the future? Beyond Gaming & 3D Cinema

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Virtual Reality, the new talking point of techo-savvies, has changed the way we see interact with the world. VR, from being just a novel way to consume content, has now evolved to such a level that most businesses are interested to leverage it.

By now, if you haven’t heard of Virtual Reality (VR) then you must be living your life under a cave.VR has taken a huge leap, and according to digi-capital.com, the AR/VR industry is about to cross the $150 billion mark by the year 2020.

Think, whilst sitting on your couch, you could float over the red planet. Or what if you want to try bungee jumping? Or how about maybe a roller coaster ride? The concept of immersion creates a virtual superficial surrounding which enables us to comprehend the complexities of an environment without the need to be physically there.

The objective of VR is not just limited to entertainment. In fact, it is like a technological synonym for immersion, the dwelling of one’s presence into a semi-real environment which makes the reader develop an enhanced perspective and also helps in gripping over the practical surroundings.

Here are six sectors that are gearing up to benefit from this technology.


Over the last few years, VR’s potential as an upcoming tool to develop human interaction has led it to enter into the education sector. Companies such as zSpace, Alchemy VR and Immersive VR-Education are using VR to reform the education system. From diagrams to content, VR can help develop a real time interactive platform which will help students comprehend difficult topics.Training can also be carried out or certain tests like driving, flying (a plane) etc can also be given that experience.

Some revolutionary thinkers are also planning to use 3d printers to print customized HMD’s (Head Mounted Display’s) which might make it cheaper than the usual.


Using a virtual environment in construction helps develop a ‘hit and trial approach, with help of VR a new level of ‘blue-map’ could be generated which would help in real time assessment of the construction work. According to the paper, Applications of Virtual Reality to Civil and Architectural Engineering Projects, VR will help develop a quick perception about complex projects and will make project design more reasonable and low cast.


Health sector may get revamped as the medical savants are trying to amalgamate VR in all possible ways with Medicine and Healthcare. VR could help treat PTSD, STD Testing near me
according to a paper by University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies cited virtual reality’s use to treat PTSD.

For rehabilitation purpose, CyberPsychology & Behaviour research shows a clear potential of VR to assist current rehabilitation techniques in addressing the impairments, disabilities, and handicaps associated with brain damage.

University of Texas, Dallas started a training program to help children with autism to work on social skills, using brain imaging and brain wave monitoring, by putting the kids in situations like blind dates or job interviews.


Often developing skills in any particular sport training of athlete requires an approach, usually that approach has a dominant factor called, environment. The necessity of players to understand the ground or stadium where any performance is to be conducted is important.

Strivrlabs is a corporation which has been engaging athletes with VR since January 2015, Strivr has quickly gained momentum with elite teams, signing 6 NFL teams in addition to 12 college teams, as mentioned on their site.

Not only VR will develop a virtual environment for the players, but the spectators might soon view their match in similar to real time environment by using head-mounts that will help steer user to the match.


Long distance relationship is all about that hanging on to each other without meeting face to face, although Skype might soon be replaced by VR calling. AltspaceVR is a mobile app which features VR calling function, that’ll help those ‘migrated love birds’ to connect.

The idea of creating a virtual environment to feel the presence is almost real now, the technology will help virtual meetings a reality, soon you could attend meetings in your pajamas.

As you read in the starting roller coaster rides are where you’re seated, be it office or home. VR is already on its way to increase scope of the theme parks, museum and festivals. When VR’s purpose is just not limited to entertainment, but also to education, the concept comes under the umbrella term, ‘edutainment.’

British Museum invited several visitors last year to experience a VR tour of the Bronze Age artifacts. The best part about it was that the entry was free, but an indifferent response was neutral. The young ones were enthusiastic about the technology but the older generations were hesitant about it. VR is just like smartphone, it dissociates the human-to-human connection to create a digital connection. The metamorphosis of VR needs more research on how the real and virtual life can be same and different at the same time.