Samsung Gear VR Gear- Virtual Reality Headset


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Samsung was one of the early movers on VR, launching the Gear VR headset, co-developed with Oculus, and designed to support a smartphone, rather than needing a connection to a PC or console.

There have been a couple of versions of Gear VR, supporting a number of different smartphone models from Samsung, with the handsets neatly sliding into the tray at the front. Internally there are lenses to split the display between your eyes and with Samsung’s latest devices offering a high resolution display, this translates into slick visuals.

Samsung Gear VR has been used in a number of commercial settings, such car showrooms, but with Samsung offering a range of content from Oculus, it’s an easy option for those with a Samsung handset.

Gear VR is available for around £100, and there’s an optional controller too, which you can get for about £70. You’ll need to make sure it’s going to fit your chosen Samsung smartphone, however, with the newly launched Galaxy S7 and S7 edge devices claimed to be best. Gear VR opens the door to mobile devices, but you’ll need to supply the Samsung smartphone.