‘Odyssey’ could be the name of Samsung’s new VR headset

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Samsung confirmed three months ago that it’s working on a standalone virtual reality headset which is going to feature positional tracking, a technology found in high-end handsets like the Oculus Rift and  HTC Vive style=. This means that Samsung new VR team is developing a headset that’s going to compete against the Vive and the Rift. This also means that this standalone VR headset will not require one of Samsung’s smartphones to function.

While it’s not a secret Samsung is working on a headset to rival Oculus rift 1, HTC and others, the company does appear to be taking a slightly different route – you shouldn’t need a smartphone, PC or console to use it, thereby making it an entirely more attractive package to the mainstream, or that’s the theory anyway.

According to the filings, first spotted by Netherlands-based site GalaxyClub, the name could well end up being Odyssey, which is backed up by snippets that reveal the filings are for virtual reality games and glasses.