Control anything through gestures, Armband for any Devices, Ideal for VR headsets

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The most versatile game controller which lets you control gaming activities, videos, VR headset, drones very intuitively. Compatible with the VR headset and Copters, Drones, Home automation etc making the control of these devices super easy and intuitive.

It reads the electrical activity of muscles and arm motion to let you wirelessly control the devices.

  • Over 100 apps has been developed for its operation.
  • Developed with Open API and free SDK, so that anyone can build an application around it. So knows no limits on using devices.
  • Works with all Android, IOS, Mac, Windows devices.

It is trendy, it is geeky and can be a good show off in parties or get together and picnics etc. Very Uncommon, Gifting this particular will certainly be a very good options as the receipt will adore your choice as the armband has multiple applications otherwise




Surprise your audience during presentations with exclusive presentation features like gesture control digital pointer, gesture control zoom in, zoom out

Step away from your computer, Smart TV and control your digital world with gestures: browse the web, play videos, switch between applications, and more.

Fly your drone or drive your Sphero and take the radio control experience to the other level where controlling these devices becomes your second nature.