New eyeForce VR with 210° Field of view, it’s double the market leader.

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We have recently reported on an interesting rise of VR-based enthusiasm on the Chinese & South east asian market. Few weeks back we covered Xiaomi’s recent mobile VR headset that will be taking on GearVR and today we bring you another brand, whose name has popped up over various social media channels these past few months.

That player eyeForce – the outcome of a group of Chinese engineers and their years-deep study into virtual reality. Together, the team has published several papers on the subject and are keen to get their hands dirty with an actual product.


eyeForce Specs

Field of View: 210°
Motion Tracking: 9-axis IMU, 1000Hz ; displacement tracking
Display: 3840×1080 AmoLED
Weight: 600g
Input: HDMI 2.0, USB
Audio: 3.5mm output
Platform: Windows,
IPD Adjustment: 50-75 MM
Visual accomodation: Yes

210° Field of View

EyeForce brands itself on its wide 210° field of view which allows the user to experience a more accurate and immersive representation of what actual sight looks like. While other brands have weighed in on this part of the experience (StarVR, we’re looking at you), eyeForce shows us that the Chinese market might be up for the challenge.

eyeForce - VR Today MagazineMake people see the virtual world. Feel it! Control it! This has been my dream for a long time
– Jadge Lee, CEO


Before we press on, we better highlight that the production of eyeForce is in it’s early stages. At the moment, the final mechanical an electronics are being handled, and as we move towards the end of the year, tests and component sourcing will be on their agenda.

eyeForce - VR Today Magazine

According to the team’s Kickstarter page, an ambitious path lies ahead, and shipping might begin as early as February 2017. If the team manages to stick to the timeframe, we will be covering more of them as their project reaches its production phase. Until that time, it’s exciting to have another player in the game, and we’re glad to see the Chinese market expand the way it is.