5 reasons why Playstation VR will win against the rest

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The year 2016 would be the year for Virtual Reality, with the three major players in VR headset world the Oculus Rift, the HTC vive and the Playstation VR in the market, surpirsed us all bt their results.

However, after HTC vive and Oculus Rift launched their respective VR headset in India, the response has been luke-warm due to limited gaming option (expected to grow or rather growing), high entry cost are some of the things holding things back.

But now there is the Play-station VR headset arriving in India in October this year(probably 13 October).There are some very strong points as to why it will be the VR headset in India to beat the other players

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1) You already own a Playstation 4.


There are chances that you already have playstation 4 and you are using it with your TV screen You’ve probably had it since launch and have played a ton of the biggest games and are now itching to play some top titles in VR.
Probably Sony is banking on this fact that Sony PS4 that the 40 million owners  are ready to without any upgrades. This let Sony to concentrate more on giving true VR experience then to build a basic processing engine (also a cost cutting factor which could pass on to the users)

That cuts quite a bit of the cost and faff involved with PC-powered VR.

2. It is not gory Expensive


In India, you need to spend a minimum of Rs 65, 000 ($1085) to get the HTC Vive style= and the
waiting time for the Oculus rift style= is still over a month, after you’ve shelve out the Rs 55,000 (Without shipping charges) as a price. And this price does not include the cost for PC you need to run the VR.

The PlayStation VR retails for Rs. 39,990  (expected price when launched in India) and it has following things in its kit:

  1. PS VR headset
  2. USB cable
  3. Processor unit
  4. HDMI cable
  5. AC adaptor and power cord
  6. Stereo earbuds
  7. PS VR headset connection adaptor
  8. PlayStation VR Worlds (game)


Playstation VR headset kit does not include the camera, which you will need for playstation VR, but adding Rs 4,990 (£60) you can buy a brand new one if you pick it up now from the following link, which is currently cheapest.

If you want a complete PS VR experience you will need a pair of Playstation Move
controllers, it is the possibility that you might have the peripherals of PS3 (cult PS users) in your cabinet somewhere, but if you need to buy some they are currently being sold for around Rs 2,400.(£27) Amazon has them for Rs at the time of writing the article.

So, even with two new PS Move controller, new Camera and the PS VR headset, (Check out the PS VR bundle kit style= ) which is less than the price of Oculus Rift and a staggering price HTC vive. It’s by far the most affordable route into VR

3) It has some Kickass games you would want to play


Although there are some amazing games like Crytek and Edge of Nowhere from Insomniac, what PS fans want to see that their games they love already making the move to VR. While its apparently seen as Sony has already launched a line-up by cashing in some big names for the PS VR headset.Like the Batman Arkham VR makes you feel like a batman with the force in the Star Wars Battlefront X-wings VR mission. In terms of gaming thats neat as great as the Oculus Rift and HTC vive, you can’t beat familiarity.

4 Your Friends and Family can get Involved.

One of the biggest issue with the VR is that it gives a very personal experience that is limited to an individual unless you can afford multiple VR headsets or friends with similar VR headset. But again thats in rare cirumstances.

With PS VR headset, Sony comes a feature known as Social screen that would allow you to project what you are seeing inside your VR on to your television screen. Thats not all it also allows also allows other players to get involved using DualShock 4 pads with various compatible titles.
We are pretty sure with that feature we will see the whole host of Party PS VR games are arriving.


5. It’s the most comfortable VR experience

You may thing this point has been made to look to sound fancy but the VR headset users in India, especially the phone / Google Cardboard VR headset user knows how much the fit and frame-rate matters.

Sony PS VR headset has runs on the higher frame-rate – between 90 Hz and 120hz, compare that to the average frequency of 60 hz of Oculus rift and HTC Vive.That may sound strange on papers but a higher frame rate would mean smoother user experience especially during fast or quicker moves.Basically no tummy-wobbling moments that’ll make you want to close your eyes and rip off the VR headset.
Then there’s the physical comfort to consider. Although the Rift and Vive are
pretty comfortable too, it can be very fiddly to adjust after say about 30mins of play.

PS VR has handled this very carefully they have these buttons for adjustments, the one on the back lets you adjust the size of the band to accommodate your head, while the button underneath the headset itself lets you move the lenses closer or further away
from your eyes, allowing you to focus better and fit your glasses inside.

It’s also got a rubber seal that keeps the outside world a lot better – even if
your face gets a little sweatier in the process.

In conclusion I would say Along with having some impressive games, a price that won’t (quite) break the bank and being compatible with the most popular console of this generation, there’s also the specs and the actual headset to consider. And it’s actually the most comfortable VR experience. So a big thumbs up from us, to go ahead and buy PS4 VR headset.

The Pre-order PS VR headset here is out on October 13, but here are the best pre-order deals right now:

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