5 all time Best, tested and reliable VR headsets in the Market

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The next generation of entertainment is here, and it comes in the form of virtual reality headsets. This article states five best to VR headsets on the market this year based on price, performance, comfort and a totally awesome VR experience. So whether you’re looking for a basic option or looking for the best, the best we’ll have an option for you if you’re interested in finding out which VR headset will be best for you.

Stay tuned, as always all the links to all the products mentioned in this article, we always keep it up to date with information we may not get a chance to mention in the article. We also keep links down from the best prices on each product mentioned in the description so if you want up-to-date pricing information be sure to check out below.

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1.Samsung VR

First up, we’ve got the Samsung gear VR the best budget Samsung user has set the design of the gear VR sits somewhere between oculus rift dk2 and Google Cardboard. The white plastic shell is molded into the familiar SKI cogwheel headset design and on the back of which is an elastic strap that fits around the sides.

Some problem with its Weight & focus adjuster

The top of your head even with the note 4 inserted it doesn’t feel too heavy.

The focus adjuster on the top might need a bit of tweaking especially if you’re a glasses wearer.


Despite the impressive low latency and high-resolution, Virtual Reality is still at a point where some people will come away feeling a tad queasy. It’s important that you’re always using it at optimum clarity. The resolution the latency are good but limited by a device that wasn’t primarily built for virtual reality. In really vibrant worlds, the pixels are still visible creating a barrier to full immersion that’s often part overlooked.

Virtual reality 2.0 is still in a toddler phase, which means all the gear VR tech could become outdated fast this will be the year we’ll probably see the consumer edition of oculus rift removing this from the margins of the hardcore PC gamers into the mainstream. It will be another challenge entirely that’s where Samsung comes in open. It up to other headsets and a device like this could offer the everyday person the opportunity to try VR and that’s pretty awesome.

If you have a Samsung phone that is compatible with a Samsung gear VR like the Samsung Galaxy six or the s7 including the edge versions as well as the Samsung galaxy note 5, you should give it a try.

2.The Google Cardboard

Which is our best ultra cheap and extremely basic VR experience? to be sure cardboard comes off more like simple options like documents ripped of course. But for those who don’t have access to the latest developers filled of Oculus or Samsung gears, it is the Google Cardboard for them. It can provide a very affordable entry-level VR headset for basic.


VR experience will keep the description of this viewer had set brief simply because there’s not that much to explain the cardboard as it sounds  it is a VR experience made from cardboard and as you might expect a delight simple and very easy to use option compatible with most smartphones like the iPhone Samsung Galaxy and dozens of other phones you simply have to download the Google cardboard app place your filler in the holder and get a better experience for like $20.


Simple to operate and use

Compatible with most smartphone handsets

3) Razor OS VR HDK


We have the best VR headset for PC users which is the Razer OS VR HDK – razors on a mission to make VR accessible to a wider audience with an open-source platform that doesn’t like anyone. out offering a lower-cost headset in the form of the HDK hacker development kit – ties in with that plan and as far as Razer is concerned it brings parody to more expensive headsets offered by the competition. The HD K2 is intended for both developers and consumers.


It sports a dual LED display with a 2160 x 1200 resolution

90 Hertz refresh rate

110 degrees field of view richer.

Also says the custom design lenses

Features a diffusion film to reduce the screen door effect but sometimes seen in VR which could be another selling point over the competition. You will find the same sensors in the HD k2 as in the Oculus Rift and the HTC vive own with compatibility for any VR hardware and any PC compatible gamepad. It also boasts native support for Unreal Engine 4 and Siyar engine.

Both SteamVR and OS VR like the Oculus rift of the vibes HD k2 must be tethered to a PC with the cable it weighs 1.42 pounds. If you’re looking for a higher performing VR experience that you can pair with your PC, the racer OSVR HD k2 is our top recommendation at a reasonable price for updated pricing check this link.


3. Oculus Rift


Runner-up for our best VR headset is the Oculus Rift. Oculus is a lot right when it comes to design. Its build a headset that’s light, yet robust including decent integrated headphones that won’t weigh you down. It’s good-looking, it’s a little austere but it doesn’t look or feel like a work-in-progress.

Easy setup
Setting up the rift is a breeze but you’ll need a reasonable amount of space to use the device. I found a swivel chair and a 1.5 by 1.5-meter space about right provided your PC is ready to go you can
be up and running and minutes of unpacking the box.


Its lightness and remote may well be the biggest benefits the risk over its main competitor HTC Vive which is a good 200 grams heavier. Spending a few hours using any of your headsets and you’ll likely appreciate how being light and comfortable is high in the must-have list of features gaming has always been the primary focus on the rift.

Resolution & consistent refresh rate
It doesn’t disappoint, the rift has dual 1080 by 1200 pixel AMOLED screens one for each eye. It has a refresh rate of 90 Hertz on top of that Oculus Rift insist the game should run at a constant 90 frames per second to match the
screens refresh rate.


Negative factor
It is Oculus home which is a little tricky to navigate. There’s no search for example so you have to sort through your games library by flicking through menu after menu it’s not too bad for now but the more content that becomes available the more difficult finding what you want will get it is compatible with the Xbox 1, PS4 and your PC as well and very quality and arguably the most popular VR headset on the market right now.
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5. HTC Vive


Here we have the best overall VR headset which is the HTC Vive, so what makes the Vive different than any other VR
headsets? To answer, a lot of things.

Comfortable to wear

The HTC Vive headset is extremely comfortable to wear and features soft memory film S material around the edges to avoid any kind of skin irritation when being worn. The material can be easily switched out thanks to view some velcro and the company provides users with two fits wide and fit for different shaped faces.

Cool looks

Its metal black in color and while no VR headset will ever look gorgeous the HTC Vive does a pretty good
job. HTC also provides users with two different handheld controllers. These controllers are nothing like the Xbox one controller, provided with the wrist but instead or design be versatile and used in the number of different ways in the virtual world. The controllers feature triggers a touch-enabled circular panel and a couple of physical buttons with the built-in sensors, allowing the controllers to be tracked in the virtual space.

The only real downside to the design of the HTC Vive is that it’s wired and not Wireless.

The HTC Vive features a beautiful high-resolution display at 2160 x 1200 pixels which when split
across two different eyes equates to 2 gorgeous 1080 x 1290 displays.

The VR headset itself features more than 70 sensors which help it headset to track your head movement to one-tenth of a degree this means that even the smallest headsets are picked up by the headset replicated in the virtual world with no lag whatsoever.

It’s also worth mentioning that not all VR compatible games will work with the HTC Vive as developers have to include the specific support for the headset base stations and Controllers. This means that in the same way that Sony and Microsoft’s have PlayStation and Xbox exclusive releases the rift and the vibe may have games and experiences unique to one platform.

You can expect this to only get better with time, it’s still something to know, the VR experience provided by HTC Vive is hands-down the vegetable experience providing a level of immersion not matched by the lights of the rift the ability to not only look around a virtual environment but walk around bend down and interact with objects on the

Essentially, tricks the senses and while you may feel self-conscious when you first put the headset on you’ll forget where you are within seconds and be transported to the virtual world right around you. If you’re looking for a totally immersive experience that cannot be matched. The HTC Vive would be our top recommendation.

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